Caliper Assessment Patterns [Numbers & Shapes] Practice Questions & Prep Tips

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On this page, you’ll learn how to solve the Caliper assessment number patterns and shape patterns questions.

These questions appear in the cognitive section of the test, which is one of the four assessment parts (the other three are the Caliper personality test sections).

Try the sample questions below to start to get a feel for these question types. Then, if you need more practice, access the additional resources to improve your skills further and increase your chances of scoring high.

Let’s dive right in.

Caliper Assessment Number Patterns (Number Series) Questions

Each question in this section consists of a series of numbers. In each series, there are one or more missing numbers. You must identify the logical rule behind each series and determine which number completes the series.

There is only one correct answer for each question, and you’re not allowed to use a calculator.

Here are two sample questions that are about the same difficulty level as the actual test:

0.5 | 1.5 | 3.5 | ? | 12.5 | 37.5 | 39.5

A. 7.5
B. 5.5
C. 11.5
D. 10.5

The numbers triple or increase by 2 alternately, so the correct answer is (D) – 10.5.

11 | -23 | 34 | -57 | 91 | ?

A. 158
B. -156
C. -148
D. -144

This question is a variation of the Fibonacci sequence. Each term equals the subtraction between the two previous terms.

11 – (-23) = =34
-23 – 34 = -57
34 – (-57) = 91
-57 – 91 = -148

The correct answer is (C).

The following sample question is harder than the actual test questions. But, if you master the questions on this difficulty level, the real questions will feel much easier.

0 | 0 | 1 | 1 | 3 | 9 | 12 | 144 | ?

A. 1522
B. 320
C. 148
D. 228

This series is composed of pairs that are made up of a number and its square value.
Each pair starts with a term bigger than the previous pair’s last term. Then, the value added to the new term increases by 1 each time: +1, +2, +3…

The correct answer is (C) – 148.

Take this free Caliper practice test for more Number Pattern practice questions (and other Caliper question types).

Caliper Assessment Shape Patterns (Figural Series) Questions

In these questions, you’ll encounter three, four, or five figures that form a series that follows a certain pattern. There are three types of questions:

  • The last object is unknown and is marked with a question mark. You’re asked to determine the figure that should replace the question mark.
  • The unknown object is in the middle of the series and is also marked with a question mark. You must determine the figure matching the question mark’s position following the pattern.
  • Suppose there is no question mark in the question. Your task is to determine the figure that should continue the series.

Let’s try two sample questions that resemble questions from the real Caliper test.

Choose the image that completes the pattern

Caliper Assessment Shape Patterns Example
Caliper Assessment Shape Patterns Answer Options

The correct answer is the first one from the right:

Caliper Assessment Shape Patterns Correct Answer

The logic: there are two rules in this set:

There is a shape in the top left corner of the frame and the bottom left-hand corner. There is a shape in the top right corner of the frame and alternately in the bottom right corner. This rule creates a wave-like pattern of figures if you look at the sequence of frames. This rule already disqualifies answers 1 and 2 from the left.

The second rule concerns the shapes in the upper part of the frames only (the figures in the bottom are only distracters and do not follow a distinct rule). You can see that every two frames, the number of sides (of the shape) decreases by one (a pentagon, a square, and a triangle).

When the shape is on the right side of the frame, it will be duplicated on the left side of the next frame and replaced in the next frame. 

Therefore, the correct answer is the first from the right, as the triangle is duplicated in the right place. Answer 2 from the right may be distracting as a triangle is present but not in the right place.

Caliper Test Figural Series Sample Question
Caliper Test Figural Series Answer Options

The correct answer is:

Caliper Test Figural Series Correct Answer

The watch-like shape moves in a clockwise manner both around itself and around the square in the middle. The rotation angle around itself increases by 45 degrees in each step. 45° in the first step, 90° in the second step, 135° in the third step, etc.

The square is diagonally divided into gray and white areas. These areas rotate by 90 degrees counterclockwise each step.

Solving tip: when the question mark is in the middle of the sequence rather than at the end, we should look into the longest sequence available to uncover some of the rules. 

In this question, if we look at frames 1-3, we can figure out the square’s movement. This will enable you to dismiss answers 3 and 5. Then, you can use the remaining distracters and see which corresponds with the sequence’s last two frames.

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Tips for Answering Number & Figural Series Questions

  • Utilize math knowledge: Brush up on basic math skills such as multiplication and division since you should have sharp arithmetic skills to ace number series questions.
  • Eliminate wrong answers: Eliminate any answers that don’t fit the pattern or don’t match up with other figures/numbers in the series. This will make it easier to choose the correct answer quickly and confidently.
  • Work backwards: Start with the last number in the list first and work your way back to determine what comes before it instead of starting from the beginning of the list.
  • Break down the figures: Take each apart and look at its components. This will help you identify any changes between figures more easily.
  • Check your work: Before submitting each answer, double-check your work to ensure that you haven’t missed anything important or made any mistakes that could cost you points on your exam score. And don’t worry about the time – the Caliper Assessment has no time limits!
  • Practice: The best way to improve your skills at solving number and figural series questions is by practicing them regularly. Try solving sample questions or taking practice tests to become more familiar with these question types and increase your chances of getting the right answer when taking the test.

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