IBEW Aptitude Test Scoring: Answers to FAQ About the Results

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If you’re about to take the IBEW aptitude test, you’re probably wondering what kind of score you need to be accepted into the union.

In this article, we’ll answer some of the most common questions about the IBEW aptitude test scoring and give you tips to help you boost your results.

Let’s get started.

How Is the IBEW Electrical Aptitude Test Scored & What’s the Minimum Passing Score?

The IBEW Aptitude test is given a score of 1-9. The minimum score required to qualify for an interview by most locals and unions is 4 out of 9. However, some may interview candidates who scored 3s, and others need 5s, depending on the level of competition and apprenticeship openings.

Do You Get Penalized for Wrong Answers?

You do not get penalized for wrong answers on the IBEW test. So, If you’re unsure of a solution, it’s safer to take a guess and move on with the rest of the test. That way, you can ensure you don’t run out of time before completing all questions.

When Will I Get My IBEW Test Results?

You will receive your test score within 2 to 4 weeks after the testing date. Your training center will contact you with the results and inform you if you passed. If you passed, your name would be on an interview’s eligibility list. Your place on this list is based on your test score.

I Failed the IBEW Aptitude Test. Can I Retake It?

If you fail the test, you can retake it six months after the original test date. The six-month rule remains in effect after each subsequent retake of the test. If you retest before the six-month period has ended, your score will not be valid. You’ll have to wait another six months to retest.

Note that locals take these rules seriously, and attempting to violate this 6-month rule may result in permanent disqualification.

How Often Can You Take the IBEW Aptitude Test?

There’s no official policy regarding the number of retesting attempts. This means that you can potentially retake the exam as many times as you need as long you’re not violating the six-month waiting period between testing dates.

Will I Get to Review My IBEW Test Answers?

You won’t be able to review your test answers. You will only receive a pass or fail message with your overall score. If you wish to retake the exam in the future, you won’t know which questions you got wrong and what to focus on.

For How Long Is My Test Score Saved?

Your score will be saved for two years. Then, if a job in the apprenticeship program becomes available, the people with the highest ranking score will get the job. If you’re not selected to begin an apprenticeship during those two years, you’ll need to reapply if you want to try again.

What Carries More Weight, the IBEW Aptitude Test or the Interview Afterward?

You must pass the exam to be eligible for an interview. Your score on this test determines the speed at which you’ll be invited for an interview. The interview has a lot of weight, and if there are two applicants with similar passing scores, the interview score will give the edge to one of them.

Is It Possible to Waive the IBEW Aptitude Test If You Have Prior Electrical Experience?

The IBEW aptitude test is a mandatory screening step in all unions and locals’ apprenticeships, no matter your experience. This ensures all applicants master the math and verbal skills needed before starting an electrical apprenticeship.

Will I Get an Apprenticeship If I Pass the IBEW Aptitude Test?

Passing the IBEW aptitude test doesn’t guarantee your acceptance in the apprenticeship. It only gives you eligibility for an interview. After that, you’ll get a ranking based on the interview, test score, and other qualifications. When new jobs become available, people with higher rankings will get an offer first.

How to Increase Your Chances of Scoring High?

Start preparing at least several weeks ahead to increase your chances of scoring high. The prep method below will help you get started (for additional practice strategies, visit our IBEW test prep guide).

Start with Taking Sample Questions and Free Practice Tests

Take some sample questions and free practice tests that are available online. This will help you get familiar with the type of questions that appear on the exam and give you an idea about how to approach them to maximize your score.

Try the IBEW sample questions (with full solutions) on these pages:

IBEW math practice questions
IBEW reading comprehension practice questions
The most difficult IBEW question types
Take sample questions and a free practice test

Then, use these sample questions to identify your weaker areas and focus your study sessions accordingly.

Ensure You Master Math Foundations

Math is often the trickiest part of the IBEW electrical aptitude test. Ensure that you have enough practice in basic algebra, trigonometry, and geometry to solve math problems quickly and accurately during the exam.

Go Further with Realistic Practice Tests

Once you know the questions you’ll likely encounter on the exam, step it up and take realistic practice tests. These tests typically simulate the actual exam and cover the same question types, allowing you to get more familiar with the test format, timing, and difficulty.

This test prep website provides a comprehensive and highly-rated preparation pack that includes full-length simulations of the test, practice drills for every subject, and study guides.

Get dozens of accurate IBEW practice tests (math, reading, mechanical) to help you pass the exam.


This article answered applicants’ most common questions about the IBEW aptitude test scoring. After reading this page, you’ll know what to expect from the test, how it is scored, and what score you need to pass.

Use the tips mentioned above to prepare for the test, enhance your chances of scoring high, and get an interview fast.