P&G Switch Challenge: Best Practice Tips for Solving the Test

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The P&G Switch Challenge is notoriously known for being the toughest component on the P&G Assessment test.

Acing this challenge is almost impossible without getting an intimate acquaintance with the test’s structure and logic.

So, on this page, you’ll receive a detailed overview of the assessment so that you know exactly what to expect, and more.

Let’s get started:

What Is the P&G Switch Challenge?

P&G Switch Challenge is a 6-minute interactive assessment that measures logical reasoning. Each question has 4 symbols that change according to a specific rule. Your task is to choose a set of numbers that accurately reflects the symbols’ order at the bottom in relation to the symbols at the top.

This challenge is also named Aon Deductive Logical Reasoning Test or Scales sx.

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Many candidates consider Procter and Gamble’s Switch Challenge the hardest test. That’s because it’s adaptive, has a tight time limit, and includes complicated question types (on its upper levels).

Adaptive means that the next question will be more challenging after each correct answer. And if you answer wrong, the next one will be easier.

Now, here’s the deal:

To score high on the test, you should reach the most difficult questions and get as many correct questions as possible. There’s a chance that if you get two or three questions wrong, you won’t be able to reach those difficult questions, no matter how many questions you get right afterward.

Before we dive into the details and explain how to solve the questions, here’s a quick overview of the interface so you’ll know what to expect:

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How Do You Solve the P&G Switch Challenge?

This interactive assessment consists of converting the input shape sequence, numbered from left to right, into the output shape sequence using an operator. 

Each operator consists of four digits. Each digit represents the previous position of each shape before the operator changed it. The new order of the shapes’ positions matches the positions of the numbers. 

In each question, you will choose one or more operators that fit the changes in the order of the shapes. 

Let’s break this down using the example below:

P&G Switch Challenge Example

You’ll see two sequences of shapes. The upper row is the input, and the lower one is the output. You must choose the operator that numbers the output shapes according to the position of the input sequence.

P&G Switch Challenge Sample Question
  • First, see the position of each of the input shapes; they are numbered from left to right (1-4). 
  • Look at the operators: Starting with the left one, let’s look at the first digit.
  • Figure out whether the shape in the first position of the output sequence is in the position indicated by this digit in the input sequence.
  • If it is not, eliminate that answer.
  • Go through the first digits of the rest of the answers and eliminate or keep them as you go.
  • If you are left with more than one possible answer, keep using this method with the rest of the digits in each answer.
  • Eliminate answers as you go according to the information you gathered.

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P&G Switch Challenge Practice Simulations

In general, you should prepare for the test and practice as many questions as possible. In addition, because this challenge is about solving as many questions as possible, you should aim for the highest score possible.

And there’s this:

Since the test is adaptive, as you advance in the assessment and get more questions right, the questions become more complex and include two layers.

From our experience, it’s almost impossible to answer these double-layer questions without prior preparation.

The best prep method is using accurate practice simulations that look and feel like the actual assessment. This allows you to practice with the same question types and tight time constraints, and of course – the same adaptivity concept.

We recommend this Switch Challenge Practice simulation, as it gives you a “hands-on” experience of solving this assessment. Something that YouTube tutorials will rarely give you.

Here’s how the practice questions look:

P&G Switch Challenge Practice Sample
P&G Switch Challenge Two Layers Example

On top of that, you get an unlimited number of questions, so the questions will differ every time you start the practice tests. Plus, you receive a dedicated study guide to help you master the dreaded double-layer questions (see an example for a double-layer above).

Take unlimited P&G Switch Challenge practice simulations to help you pass the test.

Or, check our in-depth review of this practice to see how it resembles the real assessment and what it includes inside.

How Many Switch Challenge Questions Do You Need to Solve to Pass the Test?

While there’s no definitive answer to this question, it’s safe to say that you’ll almost certainly pass if you get 20-30 correct answers.

That said, there are rare cases in which the Switch Challenge is only 3-minute long and not 6. If this is the case, you should get 10-15 correct answers to pass.

Reaching this high number of correct answers is not simple, of course. That’s because you’re not only dealing with complex questions such as the two-layer ones but also need to beat the clock. 

Does Having Wrong Answers in the Switch Challenge Affect Your Score?

Yes, it does. Because of the adaptive nature of the Switch Challenge, whenever you get a question wrong, the next one will be much easier.

So, if you keep getting wrong answers here and there, you’ll never reach the more complicated questions, and your chances of passing the assessment will be extremely low.


This was a detailed overview of the Switch Challenge, which is considered the most demanding interactive test on the Procter and Gamble Online Test.

You saw how the test’s interface looks, how to solve one-layer questions, and how many correct answers you should aim for to ensure you pass.

Additionally, we recommended the most accurate Switch Challenge practice simulations available now (also including the Grid, Digit, and PEAK Performance tests).

So now, hopefully, you should be on your way to acing this pre-employment assessment test!

And if you’d like to prepare for the other P&G Assessment Tests, make sure you visit these pages on our site: